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Emergency service and pull-through work represents significant contracting business revenues and provides a higher profit margin than plan / spec / bid business. Our system is designed to help you maximize this business.

Our system allows your customer to send a text message to request emergency or regular service. As a result, your team can respond to the customer faster. The system automatically routes the call to the personnel on-call during that shift. An escalation policy can easily be set up to notify the backup team or management if on-call personnel fail to respond on time.

The built-in system analytics easily help you identify customer priorities and additional service / repair / replacement opportunities.

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Increase your Service Business?

What does a customer want from a service company? Usually, it starts with knowing the customer process: quick responses to customer needs, following through and completing the work, becoming an integral part of the customer's organization, and delivering results.

Quick Response

Our technology is designed for a quick response to the customer. Your customer can simply send a text/SMS message. Our system routes the service request to the on-call personnel. As a result, the customer response time goes from hours to minutes.

Shift Based Notifications

The notifications are sent to personnel assigned to shift based on time, day of the week, and month. Set up custom notifications for special dates and holidays.

Pull through revenue

A dedicated phone number can be set up to receive non-emergency service requests. The system creates a to-do list for the next service visit. This can be a gold mine for your organization to find work that needs to be quoted for extra revenues.


Add Customer Personal

Customer or sub-contractor personnel can be added to the email or SMS service Notification and Escalation sequence. This will make your service an integral part of the customer process.

Email trigger for Controls System Alarms

Most Control Automation Systems and CMMS can send emails in the event of critical alarms or service ticket creation. Our system will process this email and trigger the Notification and Escalation sequence.

Customized SMS questions for customers

Our system automatically responds to the customer service request and asks critical questions for the service visit. The questions can be customized for each customer based on customer's process.

Our System

Additional Features

Show work progress

The system automatically organizes the work into the initial call, In Progress, and Completed buckets. This allows your team and the customer to monitor work progress and improve communication.

Customize contact list

The reality is that your front-line personnel are constantly being reassigned to various positions and accounts. Still, customers should always know the service and sales contacts assigned to their organization. Our system will maintain the latest contact list that customers can access.

Multiple branches for your organization

To better track the performance of each team, separate branches can be set up. This provides better analytics into your service business.


Only invited-in and opt-in customer access

You control who can request service with text/SMS message. You can invite your customer and give access. The customer has to opt-in to receive the notification message.

Document Repository

One place for all customer reports and documents. Set up a distribution list for reports and other documents.

Map the service request

See where the service calls are being requested, so the correct number of personnel can be scheduled for that territory area.

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